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Ron LeGrand Scam Review
ron legrand scam

Accurate Review of the Ron LeGrand Course & Gold Club

Ron LeGrand has been around a long time. Over the years he has promoted a lot of variations of his course. And now he offers a "Gold Club" membership. But his help can be quite expensive - some of his seminars run $9000, while his course usually runs about $600 plus $59 per month for club membership. Having had personal interaction with Ron, I know he is a real investor, unlike some of the "gurus", and he knows his stuff. Of all the top "gurus", Ron LeGrand, like Bill Vaughn is one of the true investors. But what Ron LeGrand knows is not worth that much - real estate investing is not really all that complicated. Ron does teach a few basic methods, but when you consider his primary focus is on one strategy - wholesaling - then $9000 is far too much. Wholesaling is the simplest of the 22 methods of real estate investing taught by Bill Vaughn.

We have been unable to determine if Ron LeGrand offers coaching, and if so, at what cost. For what he charges, however, we would expect coaching to be included. If you decide to buy into Ron LeGrands offer, or his Gold Club, do your due diligence. Ask the hard questions - is mentoring included? What is the cost? Who are the mentors - are they actual, practicing investors? And if you do not get solid answers, walk away.

Although there is no documented "success rate" as there is with Bill Vaughn's course, the mere fact that there are so few complaints with the Better Business Bureau would indicate a fair degree of customer satisfaction - or, at least not enough dissatisfaction to cause people to contact the BBB. Of course, there are complaints at the "gripe sites", but those can be expected. If a disgruntled person cannot verify their complaint to satisfy the BBB, they go to the gripe sites, and post anonymously. Forget the gripe sites - if a complaint is valid, they would post at the BBB.

The Ron LeGrand course is reasonably solid, as far as it goes, but is much too expensive for what you get. But we will certainly give Ron credit for his marketing - when Googling his Gold Club, almost every listing on the first two pages were created by Ron - websites, articles, video clips - you name it. That makes it difficult for any objective review to get through.

Is the Ron LeGrand program a scam? We don't believe so. He's not always trying to pick your pocket for tens of thousands like some others. Still, the spectre of "scam" looms near. Bill Vaughn says on his site that he can teach wholesaling in 15 minutes. So, it simply cannot be worth the money Ron is charging.

A Low Cost, More Effective Choice

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