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Armando Montelongo

Accurate Review of his Seminars, Bus Tours - Scam?

Armando Montelongo is currently the "big name" in real estate gurus today, thanks to being the (former) star of A&E's hit show, "Flip This House". But his success as a reality show star does not mean he can teach you how to succeed in real estate investing. And he seems to focus on just one method - fix & flip foreclosures. That's only one of the 22 methods of real estate investing. As markets change, investors need more than just one strategy.

Armando starts with his infomercial or other advertising that promotes his "Live Free Event" Seminar. The word free is what gets the sales ball rolling. In this "free" seminar, he feeds you just enough information to get you fired up, but not enough to be able to go out and make money. Instead, the bulk of the seminar is spent on convincing you to take the next step - his 3-Day Seminar for "just $1500". In short, the free seminar is a high-pressure sales pitch. But you ain't seen nothing yet!

As the Forbes magazine article on Montelongo points out, seminars are not designed to teach, the are designed to sell! And Montelongo is an expert at selling. If he were as good at teaching, he just might have a worthwhile gig going.

At the $1500 seminar, you soon learn that you have probably lost your $1500 unless you jump on board Montelongo's "bus tour" - at a cost of $40,000 per couple! The sales pressure is incredible. The "bus tour" gets you to ride around a low-income neighborhood looking at foreclosed homes. Frankly, we fail to understand why the average person could not do that on their own and use the $40,000 they save to buy their first property.

There is no real estate investing program that is worth $40,000! None. Not even if it works as well as advertised. And Armando's does not.

The Texas Attorney General got on Armando Montelongo's case for his high-pressure and alleged misleading pitch. Without admitting guilt, Montelongo cut a deal and agreed to certain stipulations. And the Better Business Bureau issued a warning on their site and online concerning his, and similar seminars. Armando Montelongo Seminars had an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau, but he has managed to recently boost that to a A+.

Many people who have attended Armando Montelongo seminars report he often does not even show up at them (which has also been reported to the BBB), instead leaving the "heavy lifting" to professional sales people.

As for all the complaints both online and at the BBB, when the number of unsatisfied customers is substantial as is the case with Armando Montelongo Seminars, then you know there is a real problem.

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