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Robert Kiyosaki Scam Review
robert kiyosaki scam

Accurate Review of Robert Kiyosaki Training & Books

Robert Kiyosaki is most famous for his book, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad." But perhaps we should begin with his bankruptcy of October 16, 2012 - his Rich Global corporation filed corporate bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is never a good sign for someone who wants you to pay big bucks for his "financial acumen."

Mr. Kiyosaki does not really teach any methods of real estate investing. He mostly just markets his books and digital media, and runs his seminars ("medicine shows"). His materials appear to follow suit with his "Rich Dad" book in which he was proved to be dishonest about a lot of things - it came out that there was no "rich dad", and no "poor dad". It is a book of fiction - as it should be. Many of the things he promoted in his book were illegal, such as insider trading and cheating on taxes. So how did he become so popular and famous? He is an expert marketer!. So you really need to use due diligence with this guy - he can charm the money out of Warren Buffet's bank account!

We do not believe that any mentoring or training offered by Robert Kiyosaki would have much value, considering the untruthfulness in his "Rich Dad" book. Coupled with the bankruptcy, it is difficult to find any reason to trust in him. If mentoring is important to you - and it should be if you want to succeed as a real estate investor - only Bill Vaughn provides a complete course that includes free coaching by real investors, all at a cost of under $100 complete.

The Better Business Bureau gives Robert Kiyosaki a "Satisfactory" rating, which means he responds to complaints. That is better than some gurus do, so he gets credit for that much.

When it comes to getting folks all fired up to get out and do something, Robert Kiyosaki is tough to beat. He would make a great football coach with his "pep talk" style seminars. But what counts is whether or not the materials he is putting out are worth the high costs. Frankly, after finding over 100 misleading, dishonest or illegal entries in "Rich Dad", and plugging his bankruptcy into the equation, we don't believe he can deliver to any substantial degree.

A Low Cost, More Effective Choice

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