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Robert Allen Scam Review
robert allen scam

Review of Robert Allen & Multiple Streams of Income

Robert Allen has been on the real estate investing scene for decades, so it is no surprise there is much to say.

Whereas in the '70's Bill Vaughn developed and fine-tuned many of the modern strategies of real estate investing, it was Robert Allen who first wrote about many of them, and helped jump-start the wave of "the little guy" jumping in to investing. For that the world of real estate investing should be appreciative. Unfortunately, Robert Allen seems to have lost his way.

Back in the '80's we read his informative book, "Nothing Down", which became a best seller. And we must admit there was some good information in it. But, as is usually the case with a mere book, there really was not enough meat to allow an inexperienced "newbie" to go out and make money investing in real estate. And many of his methods simply are not viable today.

He then refurbished the materials a little and published "Nothing Down for the '90's". Not so much of a best seller, being a rehash for the most part.

Mr. Allen co-authored the book "One Minute Millionaire", and seems to have wandered in the direction of "information marketing" with his "Multiple Streams of Income". He is very good at using his ability to get people worked up, and uses that ability to get people to open their wallets for some major money. Not that his products do not produce results - perhaps they do. But certainly not at the exhorbitant price he charges!

Robert G Allen filed bankruptcy in July of 1996, as shown in case number 96-09323-LA for the San Diego Bankruptcy court. We do not understand how or why anyone would place their financial future in the hands of someone who declared bankruptcy. Mr. Allen claims the bankruptcy was due to a landslide that completely destroyed his home, and while that seems plausible on the surface, we would have to ask why a real estate expert would not have homeowner's insurance? It strikes us that such oversight is financially irresponsible. Moreover, if a person has accumulated the wealth that Robert Allen claims, why would that one incident force him into bankruptcy?

Robert Allen was also hit with an IRS lien of over a third of a million dollars in 1986, $76,000 in tax delinquencies to the state of Utah, and another IRS tax lien for over $65,000. Lawsuits and judgements for about $100,000 in unpaid fees to speakers at his seminars probably contributed to his bankruptcy. So, we still do not understand why anyone would trust their financial future to someone apparently incompetent in money matters.

Robert G. Allen Education Success has a "no rating" mark with the Better Business Bureau, as does Robert Allen Real Estate. In other words, the BBB has "no comment" concerning Robert Allen.

Like many other infomercial gurus, Robert Allen's mentoring is quite expensive, especially when you consider it appears to be farmed out to a third party. We are uncertain what third party company he uses, but most of them, like the infamous "Mentoring of America", are made up of scripted telephone operators, not real investors. Coaching companies like "Mentoring of America" are to be avoided at all costs. It has been alleged that Mentoring of America drains credit card balances, and provide little, if any, mentoring of any value. Since their mentors are not investors, their ability to help you as an investor is minimal, at best. There is absolutely no value in their mentoring, and the cost is prohibitive. Compared to the free coaching by real investors provided with the Bill Vaughn course, there simply is no comparison. If coaching is not done by real, practicing investors, it's not worth a dime.

A Low Cost, More Effective Choice

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