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Dave Lindahl Scam Review
dave lindahl scam

Accurate Review of Dave Lindahl and his
"Big Assets" and other companies

Dave Lindahl is tough to review as much of the published information is published by himself. That is fine, though it would be helpful to find more info not produced by his own people. Also, it appears he has sometimes changed the name of his business entity, or uses multiple entities. Some businesses have found if you sully one name, you can simply just choose another and start clean.

THE NEWS (WFAA, Texas) ran an article on Lindahl and his companies. After a bad fire in one apartment building, an excerpt states, "According to deed records, the Indigo is owned by Big Bostonian 1 LLC. When the complex sold last year, The News reported that Bostonian Investment Group purchased it for about $13 million. The company had previously operated as the Lindahl Group, based in Massachusetts." Using multiple business entities is completely legal, but we are concerned that a company can use such strategies to effectively help hide who might ultimately hold some responsibility. The same news article mentioned that liens around $10,000 were placed on one building - it seems contractors who worked on the building were not getting paid, according to the article. Other contractors were owed $47,000...

A spokesperson for Lindahl contacted us and stated, "Dave did had a very difficult time with that property, they did not get the insurance money for almost fourteen months". He also mentioned that the contractors may have provided questionable work. It is not for us to say whose side of the story is more truthful - we simply publish what we find. You can read the entire article here.

As to his training materials, Dave Lindahl focuses primarily on apartment houses, but also offers materials on other strategies. Apartments are a good choice for many, but there are problems - having only one type of investing limits you and your profits considerably. Markets change. For example, in 2007 when property values crashed, many apartment owners lost a fortune in equity. People who flip, and don't hold, don't lose when the economy hiccups. Also, many people just do not want the hassles associated with being a landlord.

According to Dave Lindahl's spokesperson, "boot camps range from $495 to $1995 depending on the event". (According to Forbes Magazine, most "boot camps" and seminars are designed for selling you more stuff, rather than teaching you enough. We would like to hear from actual attendees as to whether this is, or is not the case with Mr Lindahl's boot camps - do they concentrate on teaching, or on selling?) And his "home study" kit for those unable to attend a boot camp comes in at a whopping $995. Compare that to the (under $100) cost for Bill Vaughn's complete program, which includes free coaching by professional investors (a non-profit - they are volunteers)! We have asked Mr Lindahl to correct these figures if they have become out-dated, but as yet he has refused to correct anything.

Lindahl claims he does his own coaching, although his spokesperson claims, "Dave does his own coaching along with coaches that he has trained over the years". He also claims that "student coaches" must have purchased at least 200 units on their own in order to qualify as a Lindahl coach which, if true, is reasonable. True or not, many of the complaints from customers involve coaching issues that leave much to be desired - you can find them online. Of course, many "complainers", regardless of who they are dissing, are simply folks who may have failed due to their own shortcomings, and through no fault of the "guru", so take such complaints with a grain of salt.

The BBB has given Lindahl's most recent business name, REmentor an A+. Excellent! However, this is his newer business. Mr. Lindahl has had previous businesses which had a poor reputation, like "Big Assets". But we have to give Dave Lindahl the benefit of the doubt for now, and so should everyone.

The upshot - if you feel like spending hundreds, or thousands of dollars to learn how to get rich on being a landlord, then perhaps the Dave Lindahl course is just the ticket for you. As for us, we prefer a greater amount of safety without the hassles of being a landlord.

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