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Larry Goins Scam Review
larry goins scam

Accurate Review of Larry Goins, Filthy Riches and more

Larry Goins has been marketing a course entitled "Filthy Riches." Upon studying the course and listening to some of his customers, we have a real problem with the methodolgy incorporated into it. Much of it appears to involve buying and selling real estate on the internet, even on auction sites like eBay.While it is perfectly feasible and helpful to use the internet for certain aspects of investing, such as locating and researching properties, it is never, ever a wise choice to buy and sell real estate on the internet. The only exception is if the property is local, and you can physically visit it, inspect it and research it. Otherwise, you are buying a "pig in a poke", as they say. You do not know what the actual condition is if you cannot inspect it. You may not be able to tell if the neighborhood is decent, or a seedy place for drug dealers and prostitutes. Yes, you get to see pictures, but they can be old shots, or touched up, and a small photo can hide a lot of problems.

Any experienced real estate investor will tell you that "long distance investing" is too risky, for the reasons cited above and more. In the 50's and '60's, thousands of people became victims and lost their life savings by magazine ads selling Florida Real Estate that turned out to be swamp. Later, it was retirement lots in the desert southwest. And now with "40 acre ranchland" in the high desert of the midwest, which has no water access, and may not even have right-of-way access. Imagine shelling out a lot of money only to discover the property you just bought is condemned, or has EPA restrictions because of an endangered "whatever", and you cannot use the land.

No, Larry Goins assertion that you should buy and sell real estate online is a very bad idea. Don't do that!

We do give Larry Goins credit for an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau. That does not mean there are no complaints - it simply means he responds to them. That is more than many gurus do. It would be far more impressive if there were few complaints to begin with, as is the case with the Bill Vaughn course.

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