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Peter Conti Scam Review
peter conti scam

Accurate Review of Peter Conti &Mentoring Financial Group

Peter Conti is a fairly well-known author (or co-author) of a stream of real estate books. Some of his co-authors and/or partners include Jerry Norton and Dave Finkel. Together, Peter Conti and Jerry Norton used to operate the Mentoring Financial Group, but Norton purchased the Group from Mr. Conti in 2014. Mr. Conti is no longer affiliated with Jerry Norton or Mentoring Financial Group.

The vast majority of Peter Conti's earlier works involve flipping real estate. In reality, almost all real estate is "flipped", either at closing, soon after closing, after repair or rehab, or even after living in it for 50 years. Sooner or later, the property "flips".

The latest offerings from Peter Conti appear to involve an internet training program to acquire notes from banks on residential and commercial mortgages. What they do NOT tell you is that obtaining notes from a bank requires licensing by both the state and federal government. So, you may want to avoid that program. On the plus side, from information we have received, most of the "training modules" offered by Peter Conti & are rather good and complete, for the intended purpose. The problem lies in the application of the training.

Judging from the many complaints, Mentoring Financial Group lacks any real service for their "students". Some customers were frustrated when their coaching calls were met with a taped recording that did not permit questions or interaction. Others complained they were cut off from contact if they complained about anything. But those complaints are minor compared to the big one - getting the help they thought they were paying $1000 for.

The idea is that the student finds a target property, gets in under contract for no more than 65% of its value, get lender approval, then go on the Mentoring Financial Group website and submit the deal. Upon approval, the company would fund the purchase and everyone makes a tidy profit.

Except for one problem...

Many of the complaints say that Conti rarely "approves" any deal. That word, "approval", is their "weasel clause". No matter what you do, they are not obligated to "approve" or fund anything. One student complained that he almost lost his earnest money deposit when he got a place under contract at 65% of market, got lender approval, submitted it to Conti - who never approved it! That appears to be a common theme in the complaints.

In order to get a decent rating at the Better Business Bureau, Conti had to submit to an interview to answer some concerns. Like many professdional marketers (and politicians), Conti was able to spin the truth enough to satisfy the BBB. But upon close examination of his responses, the truth is he danced around the truth. For example, when asked how many deals have been submitted and closed in the last year by customers (a question he had always refused to answer), Conti said, "We consider our training a success when a client is better able to understand the concepts we've presented." In other words, he does not measure success by a student making money from what help he offers. We would bet his students would strongly disagree. "Hey, I never made a dime, lost $1000 to Conti, but, hey! I was able to understand the concepts, so I'm happy." Yeah, right.

When the BBB pressed him on successes, Conti stated, "....clients end up finding deals, some faster than others, and once the deals are submitted and approved, we purchase the property within 30 days. The client is then paid within 3 days of closing." Notice that key word again - APPROVED. Peter Conti never addresses the actual question - how many of your students make money? How many actually get their deals approved?

The upshot here - you can pay Peter Conti $1000 to learn how to find nearly non-existent 35% below market deals, get them approved by a lender, submit them to Conti's website - and nothing happens. You can call for coaching, and end up listening to a recording. If you think that is worth the money, go for it. Otherwise, you could check out the following alternative...

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